Galley Kitchen Designs for Small Space

You are going to have the galley kitchen in your house, but you do not have wider space for it; thus, you are looking for the galley kitchen designs for small space. Some people will think that having galley kitchen in small space is impossible. Galley kitchen is the two row unit kitchen. Nevertheless, you can build it for real. To realize the galley kitchen in your small space, you may need some tips. Here, some tips for you.

Galley Kitchen Designs: The Planning

Since you have only a small space, you need to keep the design simple. You cannot afford many things there. Basically, you can add the main stuff. The main stuff is for example the table, the kitchen cabinets, the refrigerator, and the dish washer. The concept of galley kitchen designs in the small space is the ability to open the furniture doors. Although, it is only the small space, you still need to map it out. You should measure the space and draw the furniture place. One tip is that you should not place the furniture that has doors near the entrance door. It will bother the people who pass the way.

galley kitchen designs impressive kitchen

galley kitchen designs impressive kitchen

Galley Kitchen Designs: Applying the Planning

You have mapped the space and the furniture you need. Moreover, you should search to find the proper furniture for your small galley kitchen designs. Remember the concept, you should choose the simple furniture. Furthermore, you should pick the simple decoration as well. For the color schemes, you need to choose the light colors because you will make the space wider. You can also put wide mirror in one of the side wall.

small galley kitchen designs nice

small galley kitchen designs nice

After all, your plan has fixed. Then, it is time for execution. You are going to set up the kitchen with the furniture, and the accessories. Thus, you can use your galley kitchen designs in small space immediately.

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