stainless steel kitchen island with drawers

Stainless Steel and Wood Kitchen Island with Modern Style

Basically, installing stainless steel and wood kitchen island in your kitchen is highly recommended if you adore something modern. With a lovely combination of steel and wood, this kind of kitchen island will beautify your kitchen and even enhance the attraction of the whole decoration. You can choose the type, size and color. Kitchen island with stainless steel top and wooden island leg emerges absolutely captivating and chic, as well […]

white italian kitchen designs photo gallery

Italian Kitchen Design of Traditional and Modern

Italian kitchen design is the type of design that is inspired by the style and culture of the Italian. This is the culture that is known for its romantic city with the beautiful old and vintage buildings. The design of an Italian is known to be elegant and have a slight mysterious impression in it. Therefore, it will be beautiful to be applied in the kitchen. Check this article out […]

kitchen decorating ideas for apartments black and white

Small Kitchen Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Kitchen decorating ideas are the thing that you should think about when you are done planning the kitchen layout. First of all, you need to make sure the type of theme that you want for the kitchen. Therefore, you will be able to figure out the type of decoration that you need. You need to make sure that the color is suitable as well. And for that, you can check […]

black and white kitchen ideas with white cabinets and islands

Black and White Kitchen Ideas with Some Decorative Items

The black and white kitchen ideas have many variations and it’s not too simple as it sounds. In decorating with black and white, you need to consider first how the room will look like with your choice of decor. The bold black and white contrast can create a dramatic, chic, cozy, or classic atmosphere. The decor can also have an elegant look with the right design of cabinets, table, and […]

black and white kitchen decorated with red small appliances

Black and White Kitchen Decor with Variations and Accents

The black and white kitchen decor can be the best option if you want a sleek and modern design. The white creates an airy and clean look, while the black add the dramatic effect to the kitchen design. Usually the white color dominates the cabinets along the walls, either on the upper or the lower parts of the walls. The black parts are applied to the floor tile and the […]